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Poirot:Season 12

Three Act Tragedy S12, Ep1

6 Feb. 2012 Three Act Tragedy
Poirot attends a party at the great actor Sir Charles Cartwright's Cornish
mansion. A local reverend dies while drinking a cocktail, but no poison is
found in his glass. Poirot and Cartwright decide to investigate when another
victim is claimed in the same manner.

Hallowe'en Party S12, Ep2

8 Feb. 2012 Hallowe'en Party
During a village's Hallowe'en party, a young girl boasts of having witnessed
a murder from years before. No one believes her tale until her body is found
later on in the evening, drowned in the apple-bobbing bucket.

Murder on the Orient Express S12, Ep3

9 Feb. 2012 Murder on the Orient Express
Poirot investigates the murder of a shady American businessman stabbed in his
compartment on the Orient Express when it is blocked by a blizzard in Croatia.

The Clocks S12, Ep4

7 Feb. 2012 The Clocks
Four clocks surround an unidentified corpse in a blind woman's house, and a
young typist is summoned to the crime scene. However, Poirot is convinced
that the complicated setup is merely hiding a simpler solution