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Poirot: Season 10

The Mystery of the Blue Train S10, Ep1

5 Dec. 2006
Poirot investigates the brutal murder of an American heiress
and the theft of a fabulous ruby on the Blue Train between
Calais and Nice.

Cards on the Table S10, Ep2

13 Dec. 2006
The enigmatic, sinister Mr. Shaitana, one of London's richest men,
invites 8 guests, 4 of them possible murderers and 4 'detectives'
to his opulent apartment.

After the Funeral S10, Ep3

14 Dec. 2006
When a man disinherits his sole beneficiary and bequeaths his wealth
to others just prior to his death, Poirot is called in to investigate.

Taken at the Flood S10, Ep4

3 May 2007
A young widow is left in sole possession of her late husband's fortune,
and her brother refuses to share it with her in-laws - so they enlist
Poirot to try to prove that the widow's missing first husband might not
be dead after all.