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Poirot:Season 11

Mrs McGinty's Dead S11, Ep1

13 Sep. 2010
A pair of photographs are the only clues that Poirot has to solve the
murder of a village charwoman, and to prove the innocence of the
victim's lodger.

Cat Among the Pigeons S11, Ep2

14 Sep. 2010
A foreign revolution, a kidnapped princess, and a trove of priceless
rubies are linked to a prestigious girls' school, where staff members
are brutally murdered.

Third Girl S11, Ep3

15 Sep. 2010
After a seemingly neurotic young heiress tells Ariadne Oliver and Poirot
that she thinks she may have killed someone, her ex-nanny is found with
her wrists slashed.

Appointment with Death S11, Ep4
16 Sep. 2010 Appointment with Death
Syria 1937. While accompanying her husband on an archaeological dig, the abusive and overbearing Lady Boynton is found stabbed to death.