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Poirot Season 1

The Adventure of the Clapham Cook S1, Ep1

20 Jan. 1990 The Adventure of the Clapham Cook
Poirot probes the disappearance of a wealthy woman's cook,
and soon uncovers an elaborate plot to hide an ever darker

Murder in the Mews S1, Ep2

13 Jan. 1990 Murder in the Mews
When a woman is found shot in her flat after Bonfire Night,
Poirot is enlisted to decipher whether the victim died by
her own hand, or by someone else's.

The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly S1, Ep3

27 Jan. 1990 The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly
Poirot tries to prevent the kidnapping of a country squire's
son. While his plan fails, all is not what it seems.

Four and Twenty Blackbirds S1, Ep4

3 Feb. 1990 Four and Twenty Blackbirds
When a reclusive painter is found dead, Poirot finds the vital
clue in the dead man's last meal.

The Third Floor Flat S1, Ep5

17 Feb. 1990 The Third Floor Flat
Poirot investigates a murder that hits close to home after the
new occupant of a flat two floors below his is found shot.

Triangle at Rhodes S1, Ep6

24 Feb. 1990 Triangle at Rhodes
An enchanting beauty is fatally poisoned while Poirot holidays
on the Greek island of Rhodes.

Problem at Sea S1, Ep7

3 Mar. 1990 Problem at Sea
Poirot's Mediterranean cruise is disrupted when an unlikeable
passenger is found murdered in her stateroom.

The Incredible Theft S1, Ep8

10 Mar. 1990 The Incredible Theft
A wealthy industrialist's plan to snare a Nazi sympathizer goes
awry when the secret plans for a new fighter plane inexplicably
go missing.

The King of Clubs S1, Ep9

17 Mar. 1990 The King of Clubs
A deck with a missing card provides Poirot with the clue he needs
to solve the murder of the tyrannical head of a movie studio.

The Dream S1, Ep10

11 Jul. 1990 The Dream
A famous pie manufacturer tells Poirot that he has dreamt of his
own suicide, then dies under the same circumstances he dreamt about
the very next day.