Foyle's War (2002–2015)
Season 7 | Episode 3

Foyle is drawn into the bizarre murder of an ex-Nazi defector and
leading expert on Soviet intelligence who had been working for MI5.


Foyle is asked to protect Karl Strasser, a former Nazi officer mas-
querading as a Dutch citizen and now working with MI5 to catch Russ-
ian spies.

Strasser believes he is being followed and that he is in danger. Amer-
ican colonel Jackson wants Strasser in connection with a war-time atro-
city known as Operation Sunflower in which the German's patrol shot un-
armed allied servicemen.

The sole survivor, Tommy Nelson, recognizes Strasser and follows him
but when Strasser is killed by a car bomb Foyle finds no shortage of
other suspects, including the landlady and fellow tenants at his lodg-
ings, who knew who he was as well as Tommy and the Americans.

Meanwhile Adam gets involved with a farmer battling the government to
return his land and accusing a cabinet minister of conspiracy. His use
of Sam to look into the matter leads him to learn a bitter political
lesson but at least she has good news for him.