Foyle's War

Season 8 | Episode 2

When the son of a high-profile Jewish businessman is attacked in the grounds of a university, Foyle wonders whether the attack was racially motivated.


An oily Foreign Office minister tasks Foyle's department with providing security at an upcoming conference on the future of Palestine but Foyle is more concerned with the murder of Sir David Woolf, a Jewish shipping tycoon who has been taking Jews to the new state and whose ships have been sabotaged. At the same time Adam attempts to prevent Charles Lucas, the anti-Semitic leader of the International Unity party, from holding a public meeting which, as Adam had feared, leads to a riot and two deaths. Meanwhile local rabbi Avraham Greenfeld welcomes Palestinian medical student Lea Fisher, whose father was killed by British soldiers following a bomb outrage in Jerusalem. The rabbi's son is supervising the sound at the conference - where an effort to sabotage it is averted, whilst Foyle unmasks those responsible for Sir David Woolf's death.