Foyle's War

The Hide

aired 16 August 2015
Season 6 | Episode 3

Foyle battles to save a young man accused of high treason from the
executioner's noose in a case that will shatter his personal world
to the core.


DCS Foyle is replaced and is free at last - he's resigned his position
and planning to travel to the United States for an extended tour.
Before departing however, he's asked to look into the case of James
Devereaux, a young man who joined the Nazi British Free Corps during
the war.

He was taken prisoner by the Germans and refuses to explain to anyone,
including Foyle, why he agreed to join the Free Corps in the first

In a related case, DI Paul Milner investigates the murder of Agnes
Littleton who was strangled with a nylon stocking. The woman worked as
a secretary for James' father, Sir Charles Devereaux. Agnes was living
with the Devereaux's now retired cook, Mrs. Ramsay and from all accounts
was quite happy there. She also had a friend named Jack who did something
hush hush during the war. A case of mistaken identity and events from
James' childhood are key to solving the mystery.

Sam Stewart and her friend Adam Wainwright meanwhile have lost the support
of the bank who have ...