○ agathos(アガトス・アガテー・アガトン):ἀγα^θός, ή, όν, 〜〜〜〜〜*a%3Aentry+group%3D6%3Aentry%3Da%29gaqo%2Fs

A. good:
I. of persons,
1. well-born, gentle, opp.=κακός
2. brave, valiant, since courage was attributed to Chiefs and Nobles
3. good, capable, in reference to ability
4. good, in moral sense
5. ὦ(ホー=the )  ἀγαθέ(呼びかけ格), my good friend, as a term of gentle remonstrance,
6. ἀγαθός δαίμων(ダイモーン)= v. sub δαίμων; ἀγαθός  τύχη(運)= v. sub τύχη; ἀγαθός  θεός(テオス) = Lat. bona dea(=善い女神。豊饒の女神),

II. of things,
1. good, serviceable
2. of outward circumstances
3. morally good  
4. τό(ト= 中性の the ) ἀγαθόν, good, blessing, benefit, of persons or things
・τὸ  ἀγαθόν  or τἀ(タ=中性・複数の the ) ἀγαθά, the good,
・τά ἀγαθά, goods of fortune, treasures, wealth,

 * この?.4が 善悪の善らしい。

 ○ ἄγα_ , Dorドーリア方言). for ἄγη.

 ○ ἄγη(アゲー) , Dor. ἄγα_[α^γ], ἡ(ヘー=女性形の the )〜〜〜〜〜
 A. “ (ἄγαμαι)” wonder, amazement
 II. envy, malice
 ○ ἄγα^μαι(アガマイ)〜〜〜〜
 I. abs., wonder
 2. more freq. c. acc., admire a person or thing
 3. c.gen., wonder at
 4. c. gen. pers., foll. by part., wonder at one's doing
 5. c. dat., to be delighted with a person or thing
 II. in bad sense, feel envy, bear a grudge, c. dat. pers.
 2. c. acc, to be jealous of, angry at a thing

 ○ ἀγάζω(アガゾー) , (ἄγαν)〜〜〜〜〜
 A. exalt overmuch,
 II. Med.(中間相=再帰用法), honour, adore

 ○ ἀγή(A), Dor. ἀγά[α_γ], ἡ, (ἄγνυμι)〜〜〜〜〜〜
 A. breakage:
 1. fragment, splinter
 2. κύματος ἀγή place where the wave breaks, beach, A.R.1.554, Numen. ap. Ath.7.305a.
 3. curve, bending,
 4. wound