M の話(2)

ma-gasin / ma-gazine

アラビア語 khazana "to store up."《 たくわえる》の被動完了相の活用形(過去分詞のごとき)
この《被動完了相》を《認定相》の / m / が示すかたちか?

  • magazine

1580s, "place for storing goods, especially military ammunition,"
from M.Fr. magasin "warehouse, depot, store" (15c.),
from It. magazzino,
from Arabic makhazin, pl. of makhzan "storehouse"
(cf. Sp. almacén "warehouse, magazine"),
from khazana "to store up."

The original sense is almost obsolete;
meaning "periodical journal" dates from the publication of the first one, "Gentleman's Magazine," in 1731, which was so called from earlier use of the word for a printed list of military stores and information, or in a figurative sense, from the publication being a "storehouse" of information.