○ quick

・ Old.English. : cwic "living, alive,"
・  from Proto.Germanic.: *kwikwaz
(cf. Old.Frissian. : quik,
Old.Norse. : kvikr "living, alive,"
Old.High.German. : quec "lively,"
German. keck "bold"),

・ from ProtoIndoEuropean root: *gwiwo- "to live" (see bio-).

・ Sense of "lively, swift"  was developed by c.1300, on notion of "full of life."

 ○ bio-

 ・ from Greek. : bios "one's life, course or way of living, lifetime"
 (as opposed to zoe "animal life, organic life"),

 ・ from PIE root: *gweie- "to live"
  (cf. Skt. :jivah "alive, living;"
  O.E. :cwic "alive;"
   Latin.: vivus "living, alive," vita "life;"
Middle.Perssian.: zhiwak "alive;"
Old.Church.Slav.: zivo "to live;"
Lithuanian. : gyvas "living, alive;"
Old.Irish.: bethu "life," bith "age;"
Welsh : byd "world").

 ○ eon (n.)

1640s, from L. aeon,
from Gk. aion "age, vital force, a period of existence, lifetime, generation;" in plural, "eternity,"
from PIE root *aiw- "vital force, life, long life, eternity"
(cf. Skt. ayu "life," Avestan ayu "age," L. aevum "space of time, eternity," Goth. aiws "age, eternity," O.N. ævi "lifetime," Ger. ewig "everlasting," O.E. a "ever, always").

 ○ Angiras : name of a Rishi, author of the hymns of RgVeda. �碵 (9), of a code of laws, and of a treatise on astronomy.

(he is said by some to have been born from Brahma's mouth, and to have been the hasband of Smriti, of Shraddhaa, of two daughters of Maitreya, of several daughters of Daksha, etc;

he is considered as one of the seven Rishis of the first Manvantara, as a Prajaapati, as a teacher of the Brahmavidyaa, which he had learnt from Satyavaaha, a descendant of Bharadvaaja, etc;

among his sons, the chieg is Agni, others are Samvarta, Utathya, and Brihaspati;

among his daughters are mentioned Siniivaalii, Kuhuu, Raakaa, Anumati, and Akuupaaraa.;

but the Ricas or Vedic hymns, the manes of Havishmat, and mankind itself are styled his offspring.

In astronomy he is the planet Jupiter, and a star in Ursa Major)

2. name of Agni.