DEFINITION: To blow. Contracted from *we-; oldest basic form *we-.
(Beaujolais - Moulin à Vent)

  1. Suffixed shortened form *we-dhro-. weather, from Old English weder, weather, storm, wind, from Germanic *wedram wind, weather.
  2. Suffixed (participial) form *we-nt-o-, blowing. a. (i) wind1, from Old English wind, wind; (ii) window, from Old Norse vindr, wind. Both (i) and (ii) from Germanic *windaz; b. vent1, ventail, ventilate, from Latin ventus, wind.Rus.ветер ;W.gwynt,Bret.gwent
  3. wing, from Middle English wenge, wing, from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Norse vængr, wing, from suffixed Germanic form *we-ingjaz.
  4. Basic form *we-. nirvana, from Sanskrit vati (stem *va-), it blows. (Pokorny 10. a(e)- 81.)