Which our illustration shows, stands on that part of the Kazan pass, where the Danube widens, and where on the left bank the village of Ogradina rises. Opposite to this runs the Roman road, with its double holed parapets. The tablet stands in a niche cut into the trachyt rock, it is a double framed plain with two floating Dolphins and an Eagle floating on the ceiling.
The figures and ornaments are cut in relief, whilst the lettering is sunk into the rock. The tablet was erected by the once mighty Romans, to commemorate the outflanking of the rive impediments, and although in a very dilapidated state, it is still a remarkable memorial of the wonderful works which now lie in ruins. In recent times the two words »TABULA TRAIANA« were cut into the rocks so as to be more conspicuous. — During the past centuries the tablet has suffered much, by the vicissitudes of the times and by the carelessness of the people, fishers and shepherds, camping and lighting their campfires under it.

Elle fut détachée du rocher où elle gardait la route creusée par les Romains dans les versants en pierre qui longeaient le défilé du Danube, et installée 50 mètre plus haut, pour ne pas être couverte par les eaux du lac de barrage, qui permettent aujourd'hui de l'approcher en barque.